Costco Paleo Staples – Part 2


In case you missed the first one…check it out here.

I know that some of you may not have Costco memberships or even have one near you but please know that a lot of these items can be found at your local grocery store.  Also, I understand that not every Costco is the same so you may or may not be able to find all of these things at your Costco.  I know that it can be useful to see what other folks buy to help get you started on a whole foods diet.  I also like comparing the cost.  Shop around at your local stores and figure out what staples are least expensive at the stores that you frequent.

If you have the opportunity-do a tour at your local Costco to get an idea about what staples you might purchase there.  If you’ve got several things in mind that you know you’ll buy several times a year than a membership is most likely worth it.  But you have to do the math for yourself.

Here’s a few things that I picked up during a recent Costco trip.  All are clean, whole food items that are staples in my house.

1.  Organic Baby Spinach:  1 pound of pre-washed spinach for $3.99

I like adding spinach to our salads or mixing into sauces.  It’s fresh and crunchy.  This is a huge container of spinach so I’ll have to get creative on how to use it up before it goes bad.  I always put a paper towel in the container to help soak up extra moisture.  This helps it keep a bit longer.

2.  Organic Chicken Thighs:  3.77 pounds for $14.84.  It’s not pasture raised chicken but it is what fits in my budget.  I feel like buying the organic chicken is the next best thing…although I know that “organic” doesn’t necessarily mean the chicken didn’t eat corn/soy/wheat feed.  It’s a step above factory farmed in my opinion, but if organic doesn’t fit in your budget don’t worry about it.  The thighs are delicious dark meat and are small enough to grill, saute, fry really quickly.  I will share my favorite chicken thigh recipe with y’all soon.  It’s awesome!  I will cook all of these at once and use them for breakfast, lunches and quick dinners.

3.  Boscoli’s Italian Olive Salad:  32 oz. jar for $8.49.  This was a splurge for me as this is obviously not something that we really needed.  I’ve never actually purchased it before but I did try it once in the store and loved it.  The ingredients are:  olives, olive oil, cauliflower, carrots, celery, sweet peppers, black olives, capers and spices.  I’m hoping that the general “spices” ingredient doesn’t mean MSG or any other mystery spice that they can add without technically having to list.  This olive salad would make a perfect muffuletta if you ate bread…but we don’t so I’ll have to come up with some other way to eat it.  I might top a salad with the mix or just eat it plain!

4.  Kalamata Pitted Olives:  2 lb. container for $6.59.  If you love olives as much as I do then I bet you like kalamata olives.  They are a bit vinegary tasting, really rich and just down right tasty.  I will use these olives on top of salads, in sauces, or just as a plain snack.  Olives are full of healthy fats so snack away.

5.  Jumbo Stuffed Tasso Olives:  35 oz. jar for $6.79.  Obviously I was craving olives this trip!  These buggers are an awesome snack!  They are jumbo green olives stuffed with a piece of jalapeno and a piece of garlic.  They are not super spicy and the garlic isn’t too overpowering but the flavors explode in your mouth.  I will pack a few of these for lunches for us.  Again…healthy fats!  They are a bit pricey but again…they are very nutrient dense and will last us a while.

6.  Brussel Sprouts:  2 lbs. $4.29.  Brussel sprouts may possibly be my favorite vegetable.  They are easy to cook and when roasted have a nutty, rich flavor.  This is a big bag of them so I’ll usually roast them all at once and eat on them for several days.  Cut the thick ends off, cut them in half, drizzle on some melted coconut oil, shake on some spices and roast at 400 for about 20-30 minutes.  Stir them around half way through.  I used tumeric on my last batch and that was delish!

7.  Bananas:  A BIG bag for $1.39.  I realize that I had bananas on the last Costco post.  Oh well…they are a wonderful carbohydrate and I feel like that is a great price for a big bunch of bananas.  I liked these especially, because they were smaller bananas.  I don’t need a lot of sugar/carbs right now so these are the perfect size for me.  If they start going bad before we can eat them all I may make some dehydrated banana chips!  Yum!

8.  Yoga/Workout Pants:  1 pair for $19.99.  This was DEFINITELY a splurge for me this trip.  I think that these pants are the first piece of new clothing I’ve bought since late last year.  I have a pair similar to this from Costco and LOVE them.  They are flare style and are so comfy!  I love these in particular, because they come in size TALL!  If you’re a tall girl (or guy) then you know what a pain it can be to find full length workout pants (or any pants really) that are actually long enough.  These are the perfect length on me.  I wear them to workout sometimes but usually just wear them around all weekend.  I needed another pair of them (not really).  They had several different styles (all black with a colored waistband) and these are reversible to just plain black.  Love these pants!

I also bought another package of the Aidell’s Chicken Sausage for $13.99 (not shown).

My total for the trip was $88.80.

Have you been to Costco lately?  What are some of your staples that I haven’t talked about?

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11 thoughts on “Costco Paleo Staples – Part 2

  1. I really wish we had a Costco, or a Trader Joes :) There is a Whole Foods “coming soon”…but not soon enough. I’ll keep this list handy when I visit someone near or around Costco. Great post!

    • Courtney-it may be worth a drive to a CostCo if there’s not one close by. Or find a friend or family member who can pick up a few things for you. We’ve got Trader Joe’s as well but I usually never buy anything from there. I can get what I need for less at Costco. Good luck!

  2. We’re getting a Costco in New Orleans sometime this year, and I couldn’t be more excited. I grew up with them in AZ and still think of the place as Price Club, haha. I’m mostly excited to read about the TALL workout pants that you were able to find! I’m 5’11” so I completely hear you on this.

    This is my first time commenting and wanted to say hi. My friend Nicole, who is friends with your friend Lauren, directed me to your blog. Loving it!

    • Hi Katherine! Thanks for commenting and welcome!. Are you referring to my friend Lauren D. from New Orleans? Awesome! Yes…if I could wear those workout pants every day I totally would. So comfy! :) Also, are you Paleo? Or real foods?

      • Yep, I believe that is the Lauren! :) I’m going to be on the lookout for workout pants at Costco when it opens, even if it happens to be in the middle of the summer. I am in desperate need of some new, long yoga pants and the price on those is good. I am indeed paleo, but sometimes primal (organic and grass-fed dairy, when i can find it). Always no grains and no legumes.

  3. Im so jealous you found organic meat at Costco! I actually only have Sams where I am, and I think you can order organic beef online but you have to buy like $100 at once! I went to Costco with my dad when I went home and they had these awesome dried seaweed packs. Im obsessed….you should check them out!

  4. I also swear by the chicken thighs and bulk brussels sprouts. Yum!

  5. You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award!! Go to my blog for the details! :)

  6. Just wanted to say love your site and great post on Coscto staples!

    Sylvie @

  7. I used to go to Costco all the time, but that was before I moved and before I had heard of Paleo.
    After reading your post I will have to consider driving up there even though it is like 90 mins away now.

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